The PQ’s ‘Charter of Values’ is nothing but WIN-WIN


Marois’ and Drainville’s Parti Québecois – a party that is a far cry in gravitas and substance from the PQ of yore — struck a win-win for themselves with this Charter proposal.

Win-win because when – not if – it is struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada, it’s more ammunition to claim that “Canada won’t let us be who we want to be”.

Win-win, because if it triggers another anglo-allo-federalo (?) drain out of the province, then all the better. That’s fewer “No” voters in the next referendum on separation.

Win-win, because if the opposition parties do not pass it, the minority-government PQ calls an election, and now the election is about this Charter, rather than the rest of the PQ’s abysmal governing record.

Win-win, because it gets them traction in rural Quebec — paradoxically, the area least affected by non-Christian symbology, but where this baseless fear is greatest (cause-and-effect anyone?).

Win-win, for all the above PQ-centric reasons.

But it’s Lose-Lose for the rest of society, now and for generations to come. The wounds being inflicted right now are deep, and will need a few generations to heal.

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