Twas the day before the election….

Contrary to every other election before this one, and (hopefully) every election after it , this election is not about the issues nor the programs. It’s not about burqa pipelines (sic), 15$ deficits (sic) or $10B daycares (sic). It’s also not about your traditional political leanings: Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Green or other.

As long and complex as this campaign seems, it boils down to one, and one thing only: removing Stephen Harper and his party from power. (Even if you’re conservative, Stephen Harper must go. If you can’t get yourself to vote for someone else, spoil your ballot. But don’t vote for him. Don’t take my word for it, though, take the word of a long-serving Conservative Premier.)

  1. The first step is categorical: No to Stephen Harper’s Conservatives.
  2. Liberal or NDP?
  3. The niqab thing
  4. The most important things that need to happen starting October 20th (will be posted on Oct 20th)

So go vote tomorrow, Monday October 19th, 2015. All the information you need is right here: Elections Canada site.

STRONG RECOMMENDATION: Try not to go between 4:30pm-9:30pm; about 70% of voters go at that time. You will wait. Polls open at 9:30am — plan accordingly.

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