“The niqab thing”

Ah, the niqab. Who could possibly support it, or be in favour of it?

Let’s be clear: no one likes or “supports” the niqab. I don’t like the niqab, you don’t like the niqab, and that guy over there doesn’t like the niqab either. It doesn’t take a whole lot of moral courage or superior enlightenment to dislike the niqab.

But when you’re in the voting booth on Monday, the ballot in front of you doesn’t say “Like / Does not like the niqab”. You are going to vote for the group of people who will have the most power in our country, the power to literally write new laws and remove old ones. Never forget that great responsibility that you have.

The same people who brought you the “niqab issue”, the Harper Conservatives, in order to get your vote, are also the ones that can now:

  • Strip your of your Canadian citizenship. This has never existed before in Canada. And this applies to a much wider range of people than you may think: if you qualify for citizenship in another country — even if you don’t have it now or have never lived there — you can be stripped of you Canadian citizenship.

The Harper conservatives are also the wrong choice for many, many other reasons.

There’s a cliche in car sales about suckering a buyer to buy a car from you. You give them what they think are “choices”: do you want this colour with the premium package, or that colour with the premium and navigation? Who cares really, because while they believe they’re “making a decision”, either way they’re buying a car from you.

It’s the same thing with the niqab issue. Harper is suckering you into voting for him, when it hurts your own interests and blinds you to all the destructive things he has done.

Don’t be that sucker.

Now read this and vote on Monday.

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