The fine economic stewardship of the Harper Conservatives

To those still clinging to the trope that the Harper Conservatives are “good fiscal managers”: Let’s remember that — way before the financial crisis of ’08 that they now hide behind — they proceeded to waste away budget surpluses that Canada had been having for the prior 9 years, and this, *in two short years*.

As others have pointed out, Flaherty’s prognostications have been way off in the past, and for his 2015 target, the PBO knows it’s gonna be off, so much so that the Harperites forced him to go to court to get the supporting documentation.

Stick to your beliefs, fine. But please don’t stick with these “conservatives” just because they’re your team. These ain’t conservatives, this ain’t a government for the people, and this ain’t no longer Canada.

The author with Stephen Harper

Your author with Stephen Harper, when he was leader of the opposition. This Harper would not get along with today’s PM Harper.

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